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Choosing the Trendiest Names for Cats


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When it comes to choosing names – whether for a child or for your cat – it can be tempting to go on a naming inspiration spree – looking for names in all corners of the internet. However, even with a pet name generator at your disposal, you will still need to have a general idea about you want to call your cat.

Something cute and cuddly or something reminiscent of your favourite characters? However you choose your names for cats, we have some tips to ensure that yours are the coolest cats on the block.

Many people rely on a geographic moniker or go with a food-inspired name for their cat. However, that doesn’t mean you have to too. After all, this is your pet and you will have free reign to call your little ball of fluff anything that your heart desires.

While Bella stands strong at the top of every naming list, Game of Thrones characters are also making a huge entrance into the du jour world of feline names.

Names for Cats still going Strong

  • If your cat is a beautiful model with a sassy attitude, there is no better name than Bella
  • If she has a strong eyebrow game or has a beauty mark, why not name her Cara or Kate, after the models, of course!
  • The eyes are such a defining feature when you are thinking about names. Name your cat for her eye colour, such as hazel, blue, etc.
  • If your pets fur is the softest thing that you have ever touched, name her Fluffy
  • Pop culture names are also trending and you can name your cat after your favourite character. Bentley, Lupus, Aurora and Ivy are just some of the most famous ones at the moment
  • The personality of your cat - or any of their quirky habits - may become the basis for their name
  • Another thing that you must think about is that you need to think of a name that will grow with the cat as they mature

Be Adventurous

When you looking at names for cats, you think about all the great ones.

Be adventurous but not too over the top; it’s fine to be a little out there with cats compared to dogs but you also have to keep in mind that you will at some point be calling your cat inside. Is your name one that your cat will recognise easily or that you won’t feel silly shouting?

Many still name their pets based on their favourite food, a pet they loved in a movie, a childhood character from an animated movie, their heritage or even their hometown.

Endless Choices

When you think about it, the choices are endless. When you are trying to pick the right name for your cat, you think about their breed, personality, appearance and whether you would like something simple, relatable or exotic when looking for inspiration from other pet owners. Don’t feel pressurised to name your cat right away without getting to know them first, take a breather and do not rush into a decision.

Trendiest Names for Cats (Female)

There are a number of really popular female cat names so far this year, including Lola, Willow, Luna, Lulu, Izzy, Nala, Ruby, Penny, Zoey, Louie, Mittens, Olive, Penelope and Ellie. Have you seen a name that you like?

Trendiest Names for Cats (Male)

There are similar trends for male cat names, too, but there also some firm favourites carried over from last year, too: Dexter, Winston, Loki, Tucker, Teddy, Ziggy, Finn, Sheldon, Zeus, Jax and Cooper.

If you are still stuck for inspiration, please do give our name generator a try! We also welcome suggestions, so contact us if you have a name you’d like to add to our database.