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Cat and Kitten Names

You’ve bought a bed, a collar, food, bowls and a scratching post – all that’s left to do is bring your new purr baby home and choose a name for your new pet! Choosing names for cats is much easier than it is for dogs, seeing as you’re never going to be shouting it across the park – but you still need to get it just right.

You’ve been looking for a kitten for so long and you’ve finally found the one that’s right for you. Your new cat is going to have a whole new personality to get to know; they could be cool and laidback, slightly grumpy or even a little feisty. It’s worth taking a few days to get to know your kitten before you settle on your chosen cat names.

Whether you are choosing to carry on a tradition, want to choose kitten names based on your favourite pop culture characters or something representative of their personality or breed, then go wild!

If you’re still a little stuck and in need of some inspiration, then our animal name generator might be just what you need. Even if you don’t choose one of our suggestions, you might just find your cat name muse instead! We’re more than happy to take recommendations to add to our database, simply drop us a line!

After you’ve decided on the perfect name for your moggy, be sure to register them properly (don’t forget the micro chipping laws) and keep them safe with a personalised pet tag. This is not only for peace of mind, but all the more reason to take your cat’s name-choosing seriously, as they will have it forevermore. So before you commit to that oh-so-funny novelty name or pick something that is a flash in the pan as far as fashionable names go, think twice!