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Dog and Puppy Names

There is nothing quite like bringing a fluffy bundle of puppy love home for keeps. And now your newest four-legged family member is settling into its forever home, you need to give them the perfect name! With all the dog names out there though, choosing just the right one can be a challenge. 

Narrowing names down based on whether your dog is male or female is the easy part – but matching their name to their unique personality takes time.

You need to put the effort in and spend some quality time getting to know your new best friend during those precious first few days. Is your pooch cool or cute? Do they have a strong will and feisty side, or are they happy to go with the flow and bask in affection? Do you have a shortlist of puppy names to suit?

Of course, their breed might come into it too, along with their size and colouring. You might enjoy the irony of calling your all black Alsatian “Snowball”, or giving the mongrel you rehomed a pedigree name like Sir Randolph III. Be careful though – making sure you go for the best dog names is serious business and for your own benefit!

You don’t want to be yelling a tongue in cheek name in the middle of the field when your pup doesn’t bring their ball back right away. Nor do you want the novelty to wear off five years down the line.

Look for ideas in popular culture, keep it classic with old favourites, or use our dog name generator to help you decide. Even if you can’t find the perfect name in our top picks, they may well inspire you to come up with your own (just be sure to add your suggestions to our database here).

Don’t forget to make your pup’s name official by registering them properly, getting them micro chipped (now law) and treating them to a personalised pet tag.